Friday, May 4, 2012

Forgiveness: The Process of "Letting Go."

Forgiveness is letting go of the intense emotions attached to incidents from the past. It is important for an individual to no longer want to punish or get even with those who have hurt or wronged him/her.  Forgiveness is not condoning the act.  It is not absolution.  The individual does not absolve the person of thier responsbility for thier actions by forgiving them.  It is not something an individual doles out when others meet the requirments for being forgiven.  One can not say not say, "now that you have apologized, I'll forgive you." Forgiveness comes from the heart not the ego.  If an individual does not forgive, then engery is vested in another negative way.  It also depletes the individual's spirit and drains vitality. Stress can also be created by placing strain on the mind and body. Are you struggling with this process?  Provide 4 Inc. can help.  Our professional counselors are waiting for your call at 954-800-0108.

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