Thursday, June 21, 2012

Distress Tolerance Skills

At some point in an individual's life, he or she must cope with distress and pain.  Either it can be physical such as a broken leg or it can emotional such as anger or sadness.  In both of these cases, this is normal, but unpredictable.  When either of these incidents arise, you hope that the coping skills you have in place work.  What happens if the coping skills you have irrational and don't work for you?  Here are some simple distress techniques you can use:

1. Accepting situations, emotions, and thoughts for what they are.  Also, known as radical acceptance.  This is not being self-judegemental or self- critical of your self, or placing blame on others.  It is simply means that an individual stops trying to change what's happened by getting angry and blaming others for the situation.
2. Distract yourself with pleasurable activities.
3. Distract yourself by paying attention to someone else. 
4. Distract yourself with tasks and chores.
5. Distract yourself by leaving the situation.
6. Distract yourself by counting.

Need help implementing these skills, call 954-800-0108 and one of our skilled therapists will help you with creating a better you. :)

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