Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yes, you can! The power of positive affirmations!

Positive affirmation(s) are statements that you say to yourself to change the way you are thinking, an inner dialogue with self.  Basically, taking a negative thought and changing into a positive one.  It's important that you start with the word, "I."  Examples will be provided below.
Client's often ask, "Does this really work? How?" "Absolutely" is the normal response.  In order for the affirmation to work it must be practiced daily, usually a suggested 3 or more times a day. Here, an individual is taking negative thoughts and challenging them into positive ones.  Practice allows for the negative thoughts to get overridden and eventually replace them with the positive thoughts permanently.  Once this happens, a change in self-esteem and self-confidence increase and the individual overall feels better about him or herself.  This change is not only recognized by the individual, but also by surrounding people such as peers, friends, partners, and co-workers.
Some examples of positive affirmations include: I express my own needs and feelings.  I am happy with my weight. I am my own unique self. I know I deserve love and I accept it freely in my life. I am getting better and better each day.
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