Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weclome Back School, Welcome Back Stress

As the school year is in full swing, many parents face stressors associated with balancing house hold responsibilities, managing work, and the needs of their children. While parents attempt to manage their own stressors, sometimes the stressors of their children get overlooked.
Here a few stressful situations a child could face: worrying about academic performance, peer pressure, social interactions, drugs and alcohol, parental pressure to perform academically or athletically, or bullying. 
Children can easily adapt to change and cope.  The following are some helpful tips to mange your child's stressors: 1. Get into an organized routine. 2. Talk with your child. 3.  Empathize with your child. 4. Get to know your community members and teachers.  If the stressors of school are too intense for the family, please contact one of our mental health professionals at Provide 4. 

To view the full length version of this article, please go to the tab "Articles" at provide4.org and find the title 'Welcome Back School, Welcome Back Stress." Also, look for the article in the local Coral Ridge Newsletter.

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