Friday, October 5, 2012

Relax and Soothe Yourself!

Learning to relax and soothe yourself is very important.  When you are relaxed, your body naturally feels better and functions in a healthier way.  This also allows for an individual to make better, healthier choices. Here are some simple relaxation and soothing activities that utilize the five senses of smell, sight, hearing, taste, and touch.

Smell: Bake your favorite food that has a pleasing smell, such as brownies.
          Buy fresh-cut flowers and put them in your house or office.
          Hug someone whose smell makes you feel calm.

Vision: Find a place or picture that is soothing for you to look at, like a park or local museum.
           Draw or paint a picture that is pleasing to you.

Hearing: Listen to soothing music.
             Listen to a white-noise machine.

Taste: Enjoy your favorite meal, whatever that may be.
          Drink something that is soothing like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Practice drinking it slowly.

Touch: Take a hot or cold shower and enjoy the water falling on your skin.
           Play with a pet.

There are many more relaxation and soothing techniques that can be utilized with the five senses. These are just a few to get you started.  If you feel that you need more relaxation in your life and don't have the necessary tools, please contact our Licensed Clinical Social Workers at 954-800-0108.

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