Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A memo to your heart...

It is so exhausting some days, to hold onto everything that needs to stay organized between work, school, the kids, and don't forget the household. You feel that if you fall behind something big, catastrophic will happen. Take the time to engage in a guided meditation for self care, to find that peaceful balance. Here is one that might be helpful to you... So lie down and envision your thoughts as flowers or leaves. Place them one by one in an imaginary river that is flowing away from you, right at eye level. Place each leaf (thought) in the river. Watch the thoughts flow away from you down the river, until they become very small that you can't see them anymore at all. Now, just listen to the peaceful river flow. Imagine this sequence until all of your thoughts are gone and your body rests in silence. You see a tiny crack of light, maybe sunlight, and you write a memo to your heart saying "what do you need from me that you haven't been getting?" Close your eyes, and listen to your heart speak to you in silence. Open your eyes once you feel balanced, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Namaste.

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