Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavorial Therapy (CBT) is based on the concept that our feelings and our actions are a direct result of the way individuals react or think in a particular situation. An event in itself does not determine how one reacts or behaves in a situation but one's thoughts or assessment of the situation is the determining factor. In addition, the way people feel and the way they behave affects the way they think. Therefore, three elements-thoughts, feelings, and behavior-are interlinked affecting the other. Cognitive behavioral therapy challenges and changes the way a person thinks which in turn affects the feelings and behaviors of that person. Want to learn more about CBT and cognitive distortions? Please call one of our professional counselors to arrange an appointment. Check out the "Contact Us" page on this site. References: Annuals of Psychotherapy & Integrative Health Volume 16, Number 2, Summer 2013.

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